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Kristy Jo

Mind & Body Strategist

Jan 19, 2018

In this 2nd episode of Power Your Life Today Season 3: #Parenting Power, I was able to discuss with my parents the following topics:

  • What they think about teaching Follow-Through to other parents

  • The Story of Amelia (my sister) and how I got in trouble to the same extent she did for lying in science class

  • How painful it was when Denzel (the oldest boy) had been asked to leave the home, but then asked Dad if he could come back and how Dad had to say 'no' because Mom and he had already agreed on that.

  • When Mom told Denzel he didn't have permission to drive the truck to school or she would call the cops.

  • How each of us kids learned a LOT vicarious--one of the perks of being close in age with lots of siblings.

  • Following through with young children -- when Dallin (the youngest) and his friend, Harrison, were hiding in the store and mom "left."

  • Little ducks in a row at the store with young kids

  • The difference between bribery and rewards

  • Following through on vacations and trips, or fun outings--do what you say you're going to do.

  • Parenting can absolutely be manifest in "Auntie-ing!"

Some of the questions I asked:

1. What does it mean to follow through--this could have multiple meanings so what comes to mind for you? 
2. Why is this important for parents to learn?
3. How much did the way your parents raised you influence your approaches to following through with what you told your kids?
4. Can you brainstorm 2-3 stories of young kids, teenagers, etc. of when you followed through, even when it was HARD? What was the outcome? 
5. What are the negative consequences of not following through? Do you think parents are seeing this in their own children? How can they start putting their foot down?
6. Were there any times you didn't follow through and saw the difference?

My favorite quote from Dad in this episode:

"It was the hardest thing I've ever done. But we had made that decision together, and if I would have caved in, that would not have been good for our relationship or for the trust we had in each other."

My favorite quote from Mom in this episode:

"I don't get mad... I just get matter-of-fact."