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Kristy Jo

Mind & Body Strategist

Jan 11, 2018

In this 1st episode of Power Your Life Today Season 3: #Parenting Power, I was able to discuss with my parents the following topics:

  • What they thought about parenting BEFORE they got married, and how that differs from what they know about parenting now.
  • How they worked to break patterns from past generations
  • Characteristics they have developed as parents
  • Relationship-building techniques for strong parenting skills
  • How to not leverage the other parent as a weapon to children
  • How to handle derisive children and not overreact.
  • Books and programs that have made a big difference
  • What it felt like to become empty-nesters, and how if parents aren't careful, they can feel extremely unimportant and empty.
  • And so much more!

This first episode gave me great insight and perspective into thinking about my parents as human beings, working to do their best and be their best. 

I didn't have too much to say in this as my perspective was enlarged. 

I could see their angle of parenting in a way I never did before as one of their seven children. I went to bed and journaled after this interview--gratitude spilled over in my heart and I thanked my Heavenly Father He had provided me with such incredible parents.

My favorite quote from Dad in this episode:

"I learned how to trust Mom. She spent most of the time with the kids and I knew she was doing her best. I tried to implement what she shared with me. I tried never to criticize or let things irritate me."

My favorite quote from Mom in this episode:

"If I could go back I would not change one thing. We were really paying attention to our relationship. We were engaged for five months and went to class on marriage before we were married. If I had one counsel to people thinking about getting married and having children, or people married and who have children, focus on your marriage relationship. If you want things to go well with your children, focus on your spousal relationship."

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