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Kristy Jo

Mind & Body Strategist

Feb 28, 2018

In this 5th Episode of Power Your Life Today Season 3: #ParentingPower, I was able to discuss with my parents the specifics of how respect is taught, earned, and shown through example.

The biggest takeaway I had is that as we, as adults and parents, do better at living on a higher level of respect, communication, and kindness, we teach.

Respect is a learned behavior, and kids learn through observation. So, perhaps this podcast is more of a self-development journey rather than tools for how to handle 

Topics we discussed include:

  • Dealing with mean, snarky behavior of teenagers
  • How when Dad took his Medical Anatomy students (high school) to the Cadaver lab, he took all the kids' cell phones and there were no complaints.
  • Respect is setting expectations and communicating them, which means parents need to think things through and not be nebulous
  • Acknowledging when someone is in authority
  • How kids can be taught to handle disagreements among themselves
  • How our family's religious background impacts how we handle these situations as it's the foundation
  • What habits in our religious practice contributed to our family's bonding
  • How to teach proper apologies

  • Looking inside to assess how you handle situations, and work at improving even when you don't handle things well. "Why did I react this way?"


Quote from Mom:

"We hold each other's hands when we pray to our Heavenly Father. And when you're not the happiest with one of your siblings and you have to hold their hand (I remember pinky-holds instead of hand holds), but it was amazing when we prayed together and held hands, that helped solve a lot of the problems."

Quote from Dad:

"Be polite, whether there is agreement or not."


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