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Kristy Jo

Mind & Body Strategist

Jul 23, 2017

Are you ready to climb out from under the mountain of debt that's weighing you down?

Join Debbie Terry as Kristy Jo interviews her on how she climbed out from under $400,000 of debt with over 30 creditors. Debbie, the founder of Financial Liberty, shares the following in this interview (you will feel SO empowered in making more strategic financial decisions):

  • The principles of money and how that is a reflection of where you're at emotionally and physically.
  • How to emotionally begin to shift yourself into attacking your debt.
  • The formula to help you "keep score" and start increasing how much money you pay toward debt each month.
  • How to spend 1% less and earn 1% more each month.
  • Which line of credit to start paying off first
  • What do do when you get off track and move on emotionally -- DON'T GIVE UP!
  • How to still enjoy life while paying off debt

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Debbie's Bio:

Debbie Terry is a speaker, business woman, teacher and professional money coach. She has been married for 39 years and is the mother of 9 children, one of whom was adopted from foster care at the age of 12.

As she was growing up, her parents owned a Bakery so treats and sweets were part of a daily routine. Then her Dad, a great baker, decided he wanted to make healthier bread so he started producing Sprouted Wheat bread. This led to expanding the Bakery into a health food store. With doughnuts and candy on one side, and herbs and vitamins on the other, Debbie grew up with a very unique perspective of the importance of nurturing our bodies with healthy foods and how to look past the junk and make the healthier choices!

Debbie has been an entrepreneur and business owner for 40 years, launching her own dance studio at age 17. By teaching and running her own dance studio for decades she learned the importance of fitness and maintaining a lean, strong and healthy body.

She is a strong proponent of personal development. She has been personally taught by such greats as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Steven Covey, Jim Rohn and many more. She has diligently sought out, applied and taught many of the best ideas found in personal development, motivation, and financial freedom.

They say it costs over a quarter of a million dollars to raise a child in the United States. In raising their large family she and her husband struggled financially for many years. After finding herself deeply in debt, she decided to take everything she had learned, and add to it everything she could learn about financial freedom. She developed a system to not only change her own situation, but a system that others could follow to also be free.

When she started she had $460,000 of debt, 32 creditors (people she owed money to) and atone point her fixed expenses were almost double what her income was. Those were very stressful days.

Today she has paid off over 90% of her debt (well over $400,000), her only creditor is her home mortgage, to whom payments are made over a year in advance, and her fixed expenses are only about 20% of her income. This means she can spend 80% of her income on whatever she chooses!

She founded the company Financial Liberty. Debbie has coached, presented and taught thousands of people in the United States, Europe and Latin America. She teaches principles that help them manage their money and their lives.
One of her best discoveries is that the principles used to attain financial freedom are often the same principles needed to attain an ideal weight and fitness level. She is excited to share with you today a few of those key principles that will help you have a fit body and financial fitness as well.