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Kristy Jo

Mind & Body Strategist

Aug 1, 2017

Are you in a position of leadership, mentoring, or influence? Have you battled with the questions of just how much of a "mask" to wear, how to best influence people, and how to connect better with others on a genuine level?

In this Power Session with Barry Moniak, a corporate speaker and trainer, he will share with you ideas and thoughts on how you can find the answers to these questions and  go forth into your role more empowered and self-aware in your role as a leader.

In this conversation, you’re going to hear about:

  • Being real and authentic in the speaking/mentoring space
  • How you’re still human and will experience the downs--nothing is wrong with you
  • How business is about people and it IS personal
  • How to notice others around you and be curious about others to build relationships
  • How many introverts have developed extrovert skills but they were not born that way
  • How to get more comfortable networking and getting to know people
  • Why you feel you need to put on the mask and how to show who you really are
  • Don’t wrestle or battle with fear.  Fear will win. 

Barry's Website:

Barry's Bio:

A devastating back injury brought this experienced business consultant to a profound realization of what it takes to develop a winning mindset which produces better, not just more; and the creative courage to befriend the fear of challenge and change.

With eighteen years as a PSIA ski instructor (Professional Ski Instructors of America) and trainer certifications in martial arts, swimming, lifesaving, scuba, Barry was bulletproof – or so he thought. Then, following a fun day on the lake with clients and friends, he collapsed on the floor of his home in searing waves of pain.

Overdeveloped secondary and tertiary muscles had overpowered underdeveloped
core muscles and herniated a disc in his lower back, making a train wreck of his spinal column. His active physical Lifestyle came to a screeching halt. No more skiing, hiking, biking, weight or cardio training – not even yoga. Decades
of focused strength-building had actually caused debilitating injury. His focus on
secondary and tertiary strength building at the expense of core strength development, had compromised his personal well-being.

A long convalescence gave Barry time to realize that the principles which heal
and rehabilitate a human body can likewise heal and strengthen a corporate
body, and transform it into an exceptional winning enterprise. Barry’s speaking and consulting is rooted and grounded in his long-held assertion that individual, interpersonal and organizational core development provides the fitness, strength and integration essential to achieve and maintain anything of significant worth.

Barry’s national speaking and consulting firm, End In Mind, enhances organizations’ core strength to do better – not just more – and the physical, mental, and moral courage to win by befriending fear. His upcoming book Befriend Fear focuses on creating profitable synergistic cultures of mission-focused leaders and  interdependent teams, who face the fear of change and challenge with
the enthusiasm of a black diamond skier.