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Kristy Jo

Mind & Body Strategist

Aug 31, 2017

Are you in need of emotional strength? 

Are you looking for resources to understand why you (or your partner) gets angry and withdraws when disagreements and challenges arise?

Tune into Kristy Jo's latest interview in Power Session #52 with Diana Rickman, an Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique and...

Aug 10, 2017

Today we’re talking with Jacque Julien who has a  PhD in clinical psychology  turned Well-Life Coach and creator of The Empowered Life Diet. She helps smart, sassy women reclaim their inner strength to be confident, slay their food demons and live their Empowered Life. She is an animal lover and ID addict.

Get the...

Aug 1, 2017

Are you in a position of leadership, mentoring, or influence? Have you battled with the questions of just how much of a "mask" to wear, how to best influence people, and how to connect better with others on a genuine level?

In this Power Session with Barry Moniak, a corporate speaker and trainer, he will share with...