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Kristy Jo

Mind & Body Strategist

Feb 27, 2017

It's a difficult topic and every single one of us needs it in our lives. Whether it's forgiving others who have intentionally or unintentionally hurt us, or forgiving yourself, remember that forgiveness is not for the weak--forgiveness is an attribute of the strong [Ghandi]. Learn some strategies for practicing...

Feb 17, 2017

When you feel distressed and overwhelmed, you can't be a person of value and love. It's time to calm the situation inside so you can go out and power your life. Join Kristy Jo as she outlines several simple tactics that can be used EVERY day are in this video.


Feb 13, 2017

As human beings, we need something to blame--a reason to explain why things happen. But when you find yourself not taking responsibility for yourself and your actions and blaming others, you need to look at the underlying emotion. Learn how to stand up and own your life through this power...

Feb 10, 2017

Woah, woah, woah, STOP. When we are negative and choose to use negative words to yourself and about yourself, YOU are listening! Your subconscious mind (90% of the behavior that is produced) comes from the statements you make and is programmed in. It's time to pay attention to this in order to change the way you act...

Feb 6, 2017

Have you ever been talking with someone who shared something that made you feel uncomfortable because you didn't know how to respond? Here's what you don't want to do, and here's what you SHOULD do to build the emotional connection and value in the relationship. This life is about building other people and...